I have never had an attorney as accessible as Kyle. Because he also owns a small business, in addition to his law practice, he understands the challenges involved. His legal advice and guidance, as well as his genuine interest in my business, have been invaluable to me. If you own a small business, I would highly recommend his services.
— F.C., local business owner

I’ve known Kyle Sclafani for a number of years but recently I needed some advice and legal help starting my own business. Kyle went above and beyond. He was more than helpful making an overwhelming process easy and accessible for me. I trust his instincts and his knowledge. I will continue to look to him for guidance in any and all of my future business endeavors.
— B.M., local entrepreneur

I have over 20 years of experience as a lawyer. When Kyle was my opponent his professionalism, intelligence and well-modulated assertiveness deeply impressed me. When I needed to associate another attorney on a case or needed my counsel myself, I chose to employ Kyle.
— S.D.F., local attorney

I have known Kyle Sclafani for 7 years as he was initially recommend to me to provide advise with some real estate tenant issues. Kyle is a bright, competent, and honest attorney who has helped advise me and my family on a number of legal issues and potential problems. I have found Kyle to always provide excellent advice and his rates are quite reasonable. I highly recommend Kyle without any hesitation.
— S.L., residential landlord

Kyle has always represented my company with the utmost integrity. In today’s world, it’s nice to have an attorney that still has morals, work ethic, and values. I believe he will be successful for a very long time and would recommend him to anyone.
— M.S., residential contractor

I met Kyle a couple of months after Katrina. I was managing several large commercial rental properties that were devastated by the hurricane. My tenants had ran out, the insurance companies were playing ping-ball with the claims and I was pulling my last few hairs out. Thanks to Kyle we were able to bring the tenants back to the negotiating table and got very satisfactory settlements from them and the insurance companies. Kyle is a very energetic, accessible and professional attorney.
— J.M., corporate agent/manager

I found Kyle the best way you can find a good attorney, through a referral. I was amazed how responsive he was pre, during and post case. He spent time explaining each step of the process in a simple, balanced way that I could clearly understand. He doesn’t waste your time or money in resolving your legal issue. I find myself now being the one referring him to my circle of family and friends.
— Z.R., business owner